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New York, Potosí, BOLIVIA       Diciembre 7, 2017
HUBEI XINYUAN BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.Company existing staff 800 people, has a master graduate student degree in personnel nine people, college students 300 people, senior professional title 230 people, 80 people full-time quality control personnel. Company at the same time of high-speed development, has been to develop the new product research and development work. Has been successfully put into production of new drugs and domestic generic products are: balance salt rinses, xylitol and sodium chloride injection, compound propranolol caffeine tablets (drug), alpha keto acid, ferulic acid sodium, invert sugar for injection, creatine phosphate sodium for injection and compound electrolyte injection, etc.

Are you now searching a new supplier for pharmaceutical intermediate?We can supply high quality products for you.Please contact us:
Skype : bella-xychem
Whatsapp:+86 17097487233

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